Dreaming Of An Outdoor Shower?

The bathroom. A sanctuary. A shrine. A space to begin your day refreshed and prepped, to set your glow switch to ‘go’ before you even leave the house. Or at the end of the day, a space to help you cleanse away the day… that’s what bathrooms are for.

Our ideal bathing ritual involves oils, – before, during and after – with the odd mud mask thrown for complete face and body rejuvenation. And however you bathe – showers, baths or both, when you combine your ritual with a little nature things get next level.


Bring a little of the outside in with some greenery in your bathroom? Tick. Build a bath or shower in an unusual place in your home or garden? Tick. An outdoor bathe in an uncommon location when you travel? Oh, tick tick! What better way to reconnect and centre yourself – whilst pampering – than by bringing in a little nature? We can’t think of one.

Here’s a few of our favourites below via our Pinterest. Swoon.

So many showers. So many baths. So little time… x



Images via: pinterest.com, 

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