Beauty: What does it mean to us?

Beauty is all around us. It's the woman walking down the street, the man having coffee, the mama playing on the beach with her baby, the bird flying high and the tree changing colour and gently dropping it's leaves. As the saying goes, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

We believe true beauty isn't just about how someone looks; it's also about what they say, what they do and how they make us feel.

In the first of our 3 part series exploring our pillars, pillar #1 - Beauty - may seem an obvious choice, but its meaning to us runs far deeper, is multifaceted and forms part of the foundation for everything we do. We look at beauty under 4 different spotlights; Natural, Clean, Personal and Unique Beauty.  

Natural Beauty

Pure Source 

Our inspiration in its purest form is always Mother Nature. When we're out in nature, we feel our best and our skin is infused with natural minerals and vitamins - felt most potently by the ocean. We believe in the potency of bioactive ingredients; plant-based oils that are either virgin or cold pressed to retain their natural efficacy and purity.

Clean Beauty

If you wouldn't eat it...

Our philosophy centres around ingredients that are easy to understand and feel like something you would consume. Choosing to create clean beauty means that we focus on the unique benefits and bioavailability of each of our ingredients, formulating them into a balanced 'skin recipe' that works on our skins performance and health. 

Personal Beauty

My routine, my ritual.

We each have our own rituals, our own morning and night routines, our individual commitments and schedules. We don't believe in a conventional 3-step program because none of us are one thing, with one set of steps that apply.     

We believe in daily skin practice that is personal and sustainable and tailored to  your lifestyle. That is made up of products you love that suit  your skin needs and fit with  your skin performance goals. 

Skin practice tip:  Our mud mask  The 4am Set, can be used weekly, morning or night, to boost hydration and skin cells regeneration and generally wake skin up! 

Unique Beauty

Embrace and enhance.

Whether you have pigmentation, stretch marks, rosacea or scarring. If you're fair or dark, oily or dry. Your skin is unique. We believe in embracing our skin exactly as it is and choosing to enhance it. It's the only skin we have, we cannot change it, but we can have it performing at it's absolute best.

To us, this is true beauty. A woman or man who embrace themselves 100%. Who embraces the many facets that make up who they are and how they live. Who chooses performance and how their skin feels over just how it looks. Who can say "This is my skin. No one is me. That is my beauty" and then commit to enhancing it, daily.


Images via: and us. 

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