Why Grown Up Bedtime Rituals Are So Important For New Mamas

When it comes to raising kids, any mum will relate to the struggle of getting their little ones to sleep. 

Whether it’s teething, restlessness or something in between, even the most easygoing bubs can find it difficult to fall asleep. While nighttime routines differ from mum to mum, these bedtime rituals will help ease your kids to sleep. With less stress around bedtime, you can finally squeeze in that much needed ‘me time’ at the end of a long day.

Settle into a routine

Whether you’re little or big, routine is key. When it comes to kids, creating a relaxing bedtime routine can make a huge difference to how easily they fall asleep. Try ending your evening by switching off, literally. Turn off the TV, dim the lights and speak in a quieter tone of voice. Over time, your kids will learn to associate these indicators with bedtime. Whether it’s reading a story or gazing at the stars and saying goodnight to the moon, these rituals help kids understand when it’s time to go to sleep.


Unwind and relax

There’s nothing like calming your energetic little ones with a soothing, warm bath. When running their bath, we recommend adding in a few drops of our  Calm it, Baby. oil to bliss out your bub and nourish their sensitive skin. Filled with 100% botanical ingredients including German Blue Chamomile and Coconut Oil, Calm it, Baby. is also ideal for a little post-bath baby massage. Gentle and rich in antioxidants, your baby’s skin will be left feeling silky smooth while they’re drifting off to sleep.

Create a sleepy atmosphere

If your kids find it difficult to unwind, creating a calming atmosphere may do the trick. Sometimes all it takes is some white noise, whether that be a fan lightly blowing or a baby shusher. Another simple way to ease your little ones to sleep is by keeping a diffuser in their room filled with soothing, natural essential oils. Think tranquil lavender or chamomile for relaxing vibes throughout the home.

Photo sources: pinterest.com, tumblr.com

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