Ingredients In Focus: Jojoba Oil

When it comes to moisturising skin care ingredients, there’s nothing quite like jojoba oil. 

Taken from the jojoba bean, this golden wax mimics our skin’s sebum to penetrate the deeper layers and stimulate collagen production. Used for centuries as a natural remedy for burns and wounds, this hydrating oil can now be found in skincare products including our very own Motherlover. Body Oil and The 4am Set. Mask. A natural, nourishing oil that loves your skin? We can’t get enough.


What’s so special about jojoba oil?

What makes jojoba oil so unique, is its molecular structure that’s so similar to the natural oils produced by our own skin. This means jojoba oil can penetrate the skin beyond the epidermis layer which most oils can’t do. Protecting these layers is essential for effective cell regeneration, treating sensitive skin and leaving the complexion ultra-hydrated.

Who will benefit most?

While this oil is suitable for all skin types, jojoba is particularly beneficial for anyone with dry or sensitive skin. Antioxidant rich and filled with essential fatty acids omega 6 and 9, jojoba oil helps to repair damaged skin, restore moisture and protect against premature ageing. Being naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, those with blemish prone skin can also experience the benefits.

How can you treat your skin?

When it comes to skin hydration, you can’t forget about your skin from the neck down. Our Motherlover Body Oil features an antioxidant rich blend of ingredients to promote collagen production, calm irritation and relieve stress. Filled with natural oils including organic jojoba oil, it’s the perfect product for mums to be or anyone who loves silky smooth limbs. You can even use this body oil as a hydrating hair treatment to prevent flyaways and split ends. Simply rub a pea sized amount through the lengths of your hair to achieve tamed, glossy locks.

A little wake-me-up

To reward your skin with the benefits of jojoba oil however, nothing beats The 4am Set Mask. This hydrating mud mask is ideal for skin needing a little detox after one too many early mornings or late nights. Filled with rejuvenating ingredients including Dead Sea Mud, Australian Green Clay and Jojoba Oil, this resurfacing mask will breathe life back into tired skin. We love using this product weekly for a youthful glow.

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