4 Ways To Support Your Immunity Without Leaving The House

As we experience an unprecedented period of self isolation, we're seeing a greater awareness being placed on health and immunity.

Here are four simple ways you can boost your immunity, externally via your skin, whilst practicing self care to keep you healthy, both physically and mentally, mama.


It’s important, as we use hand sanitiser in high frequency, to rehydrate skin. Alcohol can strip skin’s natural oils, dehydrating cells. Boost your skin barrier and immunity by applying a natural plant based oil, like Calm it, Baby, daily. Apply 20 mins after sanitiser to ensure it remains effective.

Front on pregnant lady with product.


Side on pregnant lady with product.



Baths are known for their ability to decrease stress and promote detoxification. Add some Motherlover body oil to your bath tonight, mama, and you’ll get the added benefits of Geranium, which helps to calm, ground and support the immune system. 




The skin is our first line of defence, which is why keeping our skin barrier strong is so important. Protect skin and immune cells by repairing wounds, rashes and inflammation with our Soothe Operator balm, which is rich in avocado oil, known for its wound healing and antimicrobial properties.




Remove impurities from skin with a mud mask, like our recovery mask The 4am Set, which uses natural ingredients like Australian green clay to help to flush out toxins and support the immune system



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