The Mama Files: Zara Madrusan On Creating Alcohol Free, Conscious Cocktails

Whether you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or detoxing (making you a non-drinker at the moment) or you’re making a health choice to have more alcohol free days, we could all use some inspiration for booze free alternatives! That’s why we asked a mama we know and love, Zara Madrusan - co-owner of The Everleigh Bar, The Everleigh Bottling Co and Heartbreaker - for her favourite alcohol free beverages… and that’s how we learnt about ‘No and Low’!

As a new mama to 9 month old Molly and around alcohol on a daily basis, Zara chatted to us about how she stayed healthy and social during her pregnancy and what she chose as an alternative in a time where there are so many “no go’s”. 


10: What was your approach to health during your pregnancy?

ZM: Knowing that you’re doing the best thing for baby is the single most motivating fact to keep you eating and drinking healthily during pregnancy, and I think the first lesson learnt in transitioning into motherhood has to be selflessness. As a new mum it’s a little harder to remember to nurture yourself with all the new demands of a little human to navigate, but during pregnancy the magic of knowing that in nurturing yourself you are allowing your baby to thrive gives duality to the concept of self-love. 

10: What were some of the biggest changes you experienced?

ZM: Like so many, one of my most memorable and consistent pregnancy symptoms was an extreme thirst that I never could quite quench! Whilst I knew how important it was to stay hydrated, I also had to remind myself that most refreshing soft drinks and fresh fruit juices would send my sugars through the roof. So no booze, no coffee and no fruit juice - what's a thirsty mama-to-be to do?! I'd never paid much attention to soft / non-alcoholic options in the past and suddenly it was all I was obsessing over at every cafe, restaurant and bar. Prior to falling pregnant I'd always imagined I'd simply drink sparkling water for nine months, but lo and behold, I actually fancied a little more variation! It took some hunting but I did manage to find a few neighbourhood spots with great alternatives - a house made citron presse, peanut butter and banana smoothies, blood orange and chilli soda…   

10: Being in the hospitality industry, how difficult was it to not be drinking?

ZM: When socialising in the evening I realised I didn't want to be excluded from the camaraderie of raising a glass. I wanted to enjoy what I was drinking as much as my friends, with a drink as flavoursome and attractive as their wines and cocktails. Without a doubt the most elegant non-alcoholic option I experienced (was) a dark, juicy booze-free sangria in deep purple, served in a beautiful bulb stemmed wine glass, so delicious and thoughtfully presented I didn't for a second regret that I wasn't drinking wine.

10: Biggest takeaway during pregnancy?

ZM: Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster and downright exhausting at times. When you do have the energy and enthusiasm to socialise, it’s integral you’re made to feel included and welcome rather than singled out and embarrassed. In hospitality it’s our job to ensure every guest at the table is having an excellent experience and pregnancy gave me a new insight that I was able to share with my team. Whether you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, alcohol free or simply feel like a booze free beverage, you are as entitled to interesting flavour combinations, low sugar options and expert service. I’m excited to see the future of low alcohol and alcohol free drinks menus evolve. Watch this space!


    Lake House Fix

    • Seedlip Spice 94
    • Freshly pressed ginger
    • Lemon
    • Cucumber
    • Served over crushed ice.

    Yuzu Lemonade

    • Yuzu
    • Fresh lemon
    • Pineapple juice
    • Served tall and topped with soda.


    Thank you lovely Zara for your intel. We can’t wait to get mixing. 

    This wonderful woman and her husband, Michael, are leading the way in their industry. For more at home and in the bar creations, you can find them at Made In the Shade, the group responsible for: @theeverleigh - @heartbreakerbar - @theeverleighbottlingco - @navystrengthiceco

    Love, Us xo

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