The Mama Files: Meteorologist + Author, Magdalena Roze, on Her Daily Rituals + Food Tips For Glowing Skin.

Mum, Sea Changer, Journalist, Meteorologist, Podcaster, Chef’s Wife, and now Cook Book Author, with her new book, Happy & Whole. To say that our next mama, Magdalena Roze, has a lot on her plate (pun intended) would be an understatement. 

Splitting her life between Sydney and Byron Bay - where she lives with chef partner, Darren Robertson - and time between her many roles, we chatted to Mags about how life has changed since having her son, Archie, and moving north, her daily rituals and routines and her foodie tips for glowing skin!

Country Of Origin: Austria • Star Sign: Aquarius • Lives: Byron Bay & Sydney, Australia • Nickname: Mags • Significant others: Darren Roberston (and son Archie)


The many hats of Magdalena Roze.

I’m a mum to my 19 month old baby Archie and we made the sea change to Byron Bay so my partner could realise his dream of opening a restaurant on a farm. I’m also journalist and meteorologist with a massive passion for food! I’ve just released my first cook book Happy & Whole, where I share my favourite wholefood recipes and tips for living a more natural life. So much of this has been inspired by my beautiful home and community in Byron Bay.

I also have a food podcast “The Pass” where I interview top chefs and food personalities who take me on a journey to their favourite places. So we get their little black book of the best places to eat and find out what makes them tick through the food they eat.

We lived in North Bondi in Sydney before we moved to Byron Bay around three years ago.

0 - 90 mins, each day... Coffee, crosswords & cuddles.

Archie wakes us up at about 7am so we bring him into our bed for a cuddle. Then I get up and make a peppermint tea (for Daz and I) and porridge for all of us. Next we’ll go out to our local cafe for a coffee and do the crossword, followed by a check of the surf and play on the beach before Daz goes to work at about 9am.

New location. New pace.

Our life in Byron is simpler and slower- and it revolves around food. We have a restaurant on a farm and we’re surrounded by so many amazing producers that it’s very easy to be inspired and nourished by wholesome food. It’s amazing how quickly one adjusts to the country life too. I now think it’s hectic when I can’t get a parking spot in Mullumbimby! I really enjoy the rhythm of life in Byron Bay. The weekly grocery shop at the farmer’s market, the daily catch ups with friends by the river or beach, the bonfires and impromptu get togethers. 

Food & drink. For happiness & health.

I love my flat white in the morning, especially after having Archie! I l also love bone broth and fermented kraut. We have it with at least one meal a day and it’s amazing for the gut, immunity and glowing skin.

I’ll add a couple of spoons of bone broth to Archie’s meals if their mushy or sometimes I cook his pasta, rice or veggies in it and then drink the leftovers so it doesn’t go to waste. I didn’t expect him to like sour fermented foods but it’s usually the first thing he picks up on the plate before anything else. I’ve learned not to put my own tastes and preconceptions about food onto him! For example, I’m not a fan of liver but he happily ate it with his purees when he was a baby for a super boost of iron.

Trust your gut. Gather your tribe.

[I've learnt] to expect the unexpected. Being a first time mum is scary as it is, but there’s a lot of anxiety that comes from things not going to plan. We worry that we must be doing it wrong, but just like adults, every single baby is different. So trust your intuition and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Having a “tribe” of support is really important, I wouldn’t survive without it!

Caring for exposed skin.

I keep it as simple and natural as possible. We spend a lot of time at the beach but I try to do it when the sun isn’t harsh, so in the morning or late afternoon, and we bunker down under a big umbrella. If we’re spending a bit of time in the sun I’ll use a natural sunscreen on both of us.

Habit, routines, rituals... and maintaining them. 

I’m waaaaaay less maintenance since having a baby as I don’t have the time, but I started to pare things back (before baby) when we first moved to Byron because I guess you adapt to your surroundings. For example, most people don’t wear makeup (here) and there’s no need for blow drys when you’re at the beach every day. Thank goodness, as it makes mum life so much easier!

The main thing I do in the morning is wash and moisturise my face, fill in my brows and add a bit of under-eye concealer to hide the mum-bags! I wear makeup for special events and work, otherwise I keep it natural.

The one routine we haven’t changed since baby is our morning coffee and crossword. It’s so un-rock-n-roll, but we love it and do it wherever we travel. 

My personal style? 

Quality over quantity.

If I was a car: 

"I’d be a Land Rover as they’re suited to the city, but better in the country. ” 

My spirit animal:

"Is a lioness because I’ll do anything to protect my cub!"

If I was a listed on a menu: 

"I’d be a glass of wine…mother’s medicine! “


Thanks so much Magdalena, for your time, and a glimpse into your world! 

For more of Magdalena's life and adventures, find her @magdalena_roze

Love, Us x

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