The Mama Files: Rebecca Burrow On Pregnancy Fashion + Motherhood Wisdom

Meet our next mama, Rebecca Burrow. If her beach-based lifestyle in Margaret River isn't enough to inspire you, she's also the founder of beautiful kids label, Mini Marley, and mama to two beautiful girls, Bella and Robbie. 

In this edition of 'Getting Personal', Rebecca tells us about her cravings, her pregnancy uniform and why it's so important to go into motherhood without expectations. 

NAME: Rebecca Burrow
MAMA OF: Arabella Rose Burrow & (soon to be one more*)  

*Since we interviewed Rebecca, her new baby girl, Robbie Lou was born. Congratulations, mama! 


Mama Mantra?

You will teach them to fly but they will not fly your flight. You will teach them to dream, but they will not dream your dream. You will teach them to live, but they will not live your life. Nevertheless, in every flight, in every life, in every dream the print of the way you taught will always remain” - stolen from Mother Teresa, lived by me. 

Biggest Craving?

Hot chips and gluten free toast with Vegemite and avocado.

Favourite Workout During Pregnancy?

Reformer pilates, long outdoor walks.


Wind Down Ritual?

A good calming playlist and a nice hot shower.

Pregnancy Uniform? 

Deiji studios loungewear, Nagnata yoga wear and Sir the Label outfits when I’m feeling fancy.

Wise Words to New Mamas?

Go in with no expectations. Don’t believe every little piece of advice from Sandra and Susan down the road even if they have 15 kids of their own. Each kid is different, each experience is different, don’t judge yourself because we’re all still figuring it out for ourselves. Go in with an open mind and use each piece of advice when it is relevant to you. 

The Biggest Challenges?

Pre: Worrying about the transition for our first born from only child to having a sibling.

During: Morning/all day sickness during the first and last trimester, and keeping up with a toddler whilst being sick.

Post-Pregnancy: Sleep deprivation

The Pleasures?

Pre: Enjoying life and the ease of travelling as a little family of 3. It feels like just have one little travel buddy with us and doesn’t take too much thought, but I have a funny feeling this is all going to change as soon as we get an extra little human aboard the train.

During: Feeling each little movement (minus the kick to the ribs) and really soaking up every second of knowing that this is the last time I will experience these feelings from within. 

Post-Pregnancy: Soaking up the newborn love bubble. 

Product You Wish Existed For Pregnant or Postpartum Skin?

Take away my eye bags miracle cream (cue The 4am Set recovery mask - I think it will do the trick)

10&Co Essential / Product you’re Most Excited to Try?

Soothe Operator nipple cream - I have a feeling it will be my new best friend, and can second as a lip treatment!

All images courtesy of Rebecca Burrow

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