At-home facials with The 4am Set & Julia Ashwood from The Vista

Why mask? 

Every day our skin is exposed to a variety of temperatures, environmental factors, hormonal changes and potential pollutants.

 Adding a mask to your weekly skin ritual gives your skin chance to reset at least once a week. By detoxifying and deeply cleansing skin cells, we give them a chance to regenerate and removing excess dead skin cells leaves the surface of your face looking smoother, tighter and dare we say... more youthful?!

Step 1.

Begin with clean face.

Remove any makeup you have on and give your face a rinse with lukewarm water to prep your skin. If you have time for an extra step, you can try using a soft face brush, gently brushing all over upwards towards your hairline.

Step 2.

Mud on.

Using your fingers or a brush, take your pot of The 4am Set and apply mud mask to your face. You can be generous, but smooth it out to achieve an even thin layer so that it dries consistently.  Ingredient fact: Our mask contains Lactic Acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which works to gently remove any dead skin cells to resurface your skin and help lighten pigmentation.

Avoiding eye area, apply to entire face including your neck. As an extra step you could also try extending the mask down to your décolletage.  

Ingredient fact: When we say mud, we mean it. It's our primary ingredient, not water like in so many alternatives. The Dead Sea Mineral mud we use has an extremely high concentration of minerals that work to boost cell metabolism and help skin regenerate.

Leave your mask on for 25-30 mins. Our natural, sensitive skin formulation has been designed to leave on longer, so you can get more done while you're waiting for it to work its magic!'

Ingredient fact: Amongst others, we've included Jojoba, Rosehip and Avocado oil into our wonder mask. Deeply hydrating and known for their rejuvenating properties, they work to infuse moisture once cells have been detoxified.

Step 3.

Mud off.

There's 2 options to remove your mud mask: 

1. Brush away dried mud from your face and neck - this doubles as an extra level of exfoliation - and then use warm water (and a face towel if you prefer) to wash away the remaining mask. 

2. You can skip straight to washing away your mask with warm water. Use water to loosen mud and wash away gently with your hand or a face towel. 

And then, voila! Glowing, hydrated, detoxified skin is revealed!  

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