How To Boost Your Pregnancy Skincare As The Seasons Change

It's heating up here in the southern hemisphere, but for all our northern mamas, things are getting pretty chilly and winter can wreak havoc on even the most moisturised and hydrated skin.

We've put together our top tips for maintaining skin health, minimising exposure and damage caused by extreme temperatures and keeping dry skin at bay during the winter months. Read on and keep your glow, mama!

1. Hydrate

The Add Effect 

There is no better time of year to add oils to your bath or shower! When all you want to do is get your clothes on as quickly as you can, finding an alternate to massaging oil into your bod each day is key. Try adding a little  Motherlover body oil to your bath or rub oil into your body before showering (in the bathroom, with the heater on!) and you'll notice the difference as it works its hydrating magic on even the driest skin.

2. Protect

SPF in winter is a thing 

Just because you can't see the sun, doesn't mean it isn't there... and so are the damaging UVA and UVB rays - A for ageing and B for burning. Although the UV danger can be lower in winter, UV rays can often skin penetrate cloud cover. It's important to continue to protect skin daily to keep it radiant and youthful, prevent damage to the dermis and minimise pigmentation 

3. Detoxify

Up your mask game 

With less humidity in the air and therefore, less moisture, as well as keeping skin hydrated, maintaining your regular mask routine is a must. A mask, that both detoxifies (to remove any impurities and toxins in your system) and resurfaces (to remove dry dead skin cells) works exceptionally well through winter. Especially when natural oils are included to put the moisture back in once skin has detoxified. 

Our mud mask,  The 4am Set, is ideal to use once a week to keep your skin cells regenerating and your skin hydrated and glowing... no matter how cold it is outside!

4. Consistency

Maintain your routine

Despite what you might think, winter is not actually the best time to switch up your skincare routine. Increasing how often you hydrate your skin? Yes. Introducing 1 or 2 new products that are more season specific? Absolutely. But on the whole, consistency is key to preserving skin health.

Keep your routine consistent, adjust where you need to based on the change in temperatures [refer to Tip #1] and above all, keep your water intake high. It's easy in the colder months to drop off our internal hydration. It occurs to us more in the summer to drink much more water because it's hot and we're thirsty! But in winter, it can be one of the bigger contributors to dry skin and irritation. H20 to keep your glow!

5. Balance

Antioxidants come in many forms

It's the holidays! No one is asking you to be a saint. We are all pulled in so many different social directions this time of year, but it's important to remember balance. If you're drinking, look for quality over quantity, especially when it comes to wine. And if you're drinking spirits, consider your mixer - it's often those hidden sugars that have us feeling a little rough and our skin suffering the next morning. Oh, and refer to Tip #3 - Detox, detox, detox. It'll save your skin this holiday season!


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