The Mama Files: Kristi McDonough On Travel, Babies + Consistent Skincare

Kristi McDonough, PR guru and boss lady at Agency Glow, and one of the beauties that features throughout our site with her gorgeous little girl, Leni. She is, quite simply, one of our favourite women.

Kristi arrived on shoot day with hugs for everyone and good vibes radiating out every pore. This mama is a natural mum, but it wasn’t all roses on the road to becoming a mama for Kristi and her husband, Blair. Kristi speaks openly about the couple miscarrying twice before they ‘got lucky’ with little Leni. On her personal journey to becoming a mum, Kristi had to find strength and resilience to try again and again. She thinks more transparent discussion would help the many women this is a reality for to feel united, not isolated. Just one of the many ways this incredible mama inspires.

Country Of Origin: Australia • Star Sign: Scorpio • Lives: Byron Bay • Nickname: KT, since I was little. Now it’s KTMcD • Significant others: Blair, my husband, Leni, my daughter & Chief

I’ve always been a little bit of a gypsy.

I’m from Melbourne, but I’ve travelled a lot; I used to teach snowboarding so I‘ve done ski seasons in Falls Creek, Aspen and Canada, I’ve lived in New Zealand… then we moved to LA, where we had our little girl Leni, and now we’ve moved back to Australia and set up home in Byron Bay.

We took Leni to the New Orleans jazz festival when she was 5 weeks old… we didn’t have a portacot so she slept in a suitcase. Improvisation is normal to us… just because you have kids, it doesn’t mean you have to stop.

We’re closer to home now we’re not in LA.

We still don’t quite have that ‘drop in’ option. We’d love to have our family closer. It’s hard for us, and probably hard for her grandparents too, to try to bond over Skype. That’s why we have an open door policy and everyone know they’re always welcome to come up and stay.

Blue sky mornings.

The absolute first thing I do in the morning is pull back the curtain to check if there’s blue sky or not. That really dictates how quickly we move in the morning. If it’s blue sky, we’ll jump straight up – via the coffee machine – and take Leni & our dog, Chief, down to the beach. It sets us all up for a really special day.

A daily constant for me is my morning coffee.

Every day is so different for me, both as a parent and running my own business, so this is the one thing that I do consistently every day. Whether it’s at home with Leni or I get a takeaway and we walk to the beach… it something I really enjoy that is for me. I enjoy the stillness of the routine and that moment in the morning.

Daily skin practice.

My mum has always looked after her skin and instilled that practice in me. I can’t wake up in morning without washing my face and putting on moisturiser and sunscreen. I want to pass that gift on to Leni, of looking after your skin from a young age.

Block out the noise. Be kind to yourself.

When I was pregnant, everyone was keen to tell me their experience and if I tried to relate to every one, it got so overwhelming and confusing. Everyone’s experience is so different… so I cherry picked bits and pieces. I listened to a few people I trust and allowed myself to work out what worked best for Leni and I once she arrived. The longer she’s here the better I get at listening to her and her needs, not necessarily what I’m told and what I’ve read. Be kind to yourself – don’t set unrealistic expectations based on schedules and books that you read… be flexible and trust your own instincts.

I’m loyal to the products that work… therefore we travel with them.

When it comes to skincare when we travel, I take everything with me, so that we can do the same ritual wherever we are. For my family, it’s about being prepared and taking favourite products with us. That way we can continue our gypsy life with the luxuries and comforts of home.

See more of mama Kristi McDonough on instagram @kristimcdonough x
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