Mama Talk: Aimee Winchester

Aimee Winchester is raising little women… four of them. And in just a few weeks, she’ll give birth to her fifth baby.

Late last year we had the absolute pleasure of capturing a day in the life this Byron Bay based mama of (almost) 5. As well as sharing more magic from this day, we chatted to Aimee about mothering her girls, motivation and how her pregnancies have impacted her physically and emotionally.


Born: Sydney Current Location: Byron Bay • Star Sign: Pisces • Nickname : Winnie • Family: of 6, almost 7 (Husband Dave and daughters, Coco, Autumn, Juni and Clementine)

Who are you?

I am Aimee, wife to Dave, mama to my 4 children soon to be 5!!

Mamahood in three words.

Rich, rewarding, challenging.

Before being a mama - excitement or expectations?

I was only 21 when I had Coco, I didn’t have any expectations. I was just so excited to have a baby. I was surprised at how challenging I found the first year, I was very naive & grew up a lot in that first year!

Baby No. 5

All my pregnancies have been fairly similar. I definitely have been feeling this one a lot more than the others, I have felt like I could go into labor since about 30 weeks!

“It’s a constant balance & learning experience, but generally it’s just an organic process of feeling the ying & yang.”

Biggest physical change...

Definitely the C-section recovery; it takes me a good 6 months to feel back to myself. While (the) scar heals fairly quickly, I don’t really feel completely healed both physically & emotionally until the 6-month mark!! I also have some pigmentation marks on my face which generally fades after the birth .

The Mother / Lover / Motherlover balance.

It’s a constant balance & learning experience, but generally it’s just an organic process of feeling the ying & yang. The girls obviously take a lot of my attention, but every night Dave & I have a few hours to ourselves & I call me time when I need it. For example, I just booked a spontaneous night away this weekend with my girlfriends because we were all feeling like we needed a break.

Mothering and motivation.

There is a lot more emotion for me in mothering my girls. Working on my business for me is pretty straight forward, no over thinking it. Not to say I am not passionate about it, it just comes pretty easy to me even with decision making; mothering my girls is a lot deeper. I am hopeless with being motivated to work this pregnancy, hence why little Winnie has been rather quiet, but it’s just a season that will pass & when the time is right I will be sparked with motivation.

“Trust your inner instincts, your children have chosen YOU... you can read all the parenting books in the world but inside your heart you hold the most valuable tools to parent your child.”

Advice from others...

Best advice, don’t over think it. Someone once told me after babies I will never ever sleep truly well again, I thought she was crazy & I was right, once my babies started sleeping though I slept like I had never slept before, BLISS!!

A message to other mamas?

Trust your inner instincts, your children have chosen YOU to be their parents for a reason, you can read all the parenting books in the world but inside your heart you hold the most valuable tools to parent your child.

Travel hacks?

It’s going to be hectic (with kids) & that’s that!!! If you’re pregnant with your first… enjoy alllllllll the movies!!!!

What natural beauty means to you?

Effortless beauty that radiates from within

What are your must haves for skin health during pregnancy?

Coconut oil, spring water, sun!

Pay it forward; who would you love to see us do a Model Mama interview with?

I think everyone would love one by my bestie @courtneyadamo

“Mama superpower? - 

Being a mama, right?”


You win or you learn; favourite mistake?

Good question, I can’t think of a specific but yeah I live by all mistakes are lessons

Morning ritual?

Always coffee or tea first

Comfort food?

Chicken soup

Weirdest craving?


Mama superpower?

Just being a mama, right?

Now playing?

My friend Courtney told me about the podcast “everything is alive” which I am loving

Thank you Aimee for working with 10&Co with your beautiful family and for being a 'Model Mama' and sharing with our community!

For more of Aimee's life and adventures, you can find her @little.winnie

Love, Us x

All images shot on location in Byron Bay for 10&Co by the talented Bridget Wood Photography. x

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