The Mama Files: Jacintha Akkerman On Sober Motherhood + Fearless Living

Making the choice to stop drinking alcohol can be a challenging one. But for our latest mama, Jacintha Akkerman, falling pregnant with her son Axel was a catalyst for major change.

Continuing to abstain from drinking after he was born, she took this as an opportunity to get to know herself and her body on a different level and to be the best mama she can be. 

In a drinking-focused culture, we chatted to Jacintha about living life sober and the challenges that arise, but most importantly, how it has positively impacted her life, health, relationships and role as a first-time mama. 

Country Of Origin: Australia • Star Sign: Libra • Lives: Melbourne, Australia • Nickname: Mousee - I used to squeak when I was two years old. True story • Significant others: My babies, Jesse (hubby-to-be) and baby boy Axel


Twitter version.

[I'm] a very proud mum to Axel, 3 and soon-to-be wife to Jesse. [I'm] passionate about teaching people to live a fulfilling life and want to encourage them to live their life's purpose. [I] quit alcohol and found a love of boxing, yoga, meditation and gratitude.


Our beaches and nature are my happy places, especially the inside of the botanical gardens - it is breathtaking. People underestimate the power being in nature has on our soul. I am also in love with our healthy brekky spots. It’s so nice to be able to go out for a head out from brekky knowing you can nourish your body with good healthy, delish food. 

Morning rituals.

I wake up every day naturally between 4 & 5am and say “Today something wonderful is going to happen”. Then I meditate. I switch up my meditations between Oprah and Deepak or Kat John’s guided meditations. I need guided meditations to calm my mind. If I have time I will do some morning stretches/yoga. Then my baby boy will jump into bed and we have cuddles. 

[Fear(less) living means to me] Living my true purpose, trusting my intuition and not caring about what others think.

The best choice for the best me.

I was lost for such a long time. I dabbled in mindfulness for years but I just couldn’t quite get there. I love to be surrounded by love, so I used to surround myself with so many people, but what I was missing was that love comes from within. I just needed to love myself. I did some soul searching and broke away from a lot of things in life in order to find the real me.

I needed time to discover what the block was, what was stopping me from moving forward. It was alcohol. It was that very first sip of alcohol. When alcohol was in my system, the downhill spiral effect started. I would get drunk. Then I would eat bad food. Then I would have broken sleep. Then I would get grumpy. Due to lack of sleep and poor nutrition, my skin would break out and I wouldn't want to go out in public because my face resembled a pizza!

I was sick of saying “I want to do this” and “I want to do that” and never acting on it because I was too busy being hungover. So I quit and I have never looked back. I feel like my decision to quit alcohol challenges people. People are baffled as to why someone would not want to drink. And that’s OK because my decision to quit is exactly that, my decision.

Being alcohol-free, my mind is clearer. I make better life choices. I eat better. I nourish my body and mind daily. My life simply flows better. I am more mindful and have a natural high on life. My mind isn’t foggy on a Monday so I am much more productive with my businesses.

Quitting alcohol is certainly not for everyone, but it was most certainly the best choice for me.


Coco Loco.

[To care for our skin] I’m into natural ingredients. We use coconut oil for everything. I’m not into products with any ingredients that I can’t pronounce. That’s why 10 & Co is awesome.

Maintaining balance.

When becoming a mumma your priorities just change and it’s like you become Superwoman. In order to me the best mumma I can be, I need to look after me – and I have learnt to never feel guilty for that. Daily exercise and meditation is a given - if I don’t exercise (and I experienced this only recently), I suffer from anxiety. Axel also just started kids yoga – IT IS SO DAMN ADORABLE!!

I also ensure our food intake is kept as healthy as possible by pumping as many veggies and healthy fats as I can into our daily lives. And limiting dairy and sugar. In saying that, we most certainly treat ourselves. Life is all about balance.


My personal style: 

Active. Simple. Natural.

I was a car:

I’d be an Uber (Non-drinker = the designated driver haha).

My spirit animal:

Is a butterfly because I like to fly.

If I was listed on a menu: 

I’d be a brekky bowl

Mama message:

Live from a place of gratitude - we are pretty damn lucky to live the lives we do. Share your truth and live from the heart. Never be scared to be who you really are. Always follow your intuition, and your dreams. There is a big wide world out there that allows you to be who you really are. 

Thanks so much Jacintha, for your time, and a glimpse into your world! 

For more of Jacintha's life and adventures, find her @jacinthakkerman or

Love, Us x

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