The Mama Files: Rebekah Steen On Keeping It Simple

We first met our next mama Rebekah Steen over juices on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA, when this quintessential beach babe was literally weeks from giving birth to her now 1-year-old little man, Levi. Our recent catch up was a lot more digital, but no less enjoyable.

Known on the internet as ‘Goldfish Kiss’, after her blog by the same name, this mama is a creative dynamo with art and graphic design creations picked up for collaborations with many a brand – she’s even designed a little something special for us… Most of all, we love her for her reminders to celebrate all the things money can’t buy and her love of something that runs in our blood… the ocean.

Country Of Origin: USA •  Star Sign: Scorpio •  Lives: Bay Area, California •  Nickname: Superbek •  Significant others: My hunk husband, Grant & Levi the little dude (my son)


Move it

I’m based in Cali right now, and before here we lived in Seattle for about 6 months, before that Hawaii for a while, before that it was Cali, then before that…ok, we move a lot.

Human alarm clock

First thing in the morning, I chug a big glass of water, then I go say good morning to Levi, who is my alarm clock. We hang out, read a book, play a little, I make some coffee or tea, and we make breakfast. Nothing too glamorous, but it’s fun. And honestly, I look forward to it each day.

Get sweaty

[To relax and rebalance] I have to do some sort or workout or physical activity for at least 20 minutes. I unplug and just go into my “get sweaty” mode. It might not sound relaxing but it helps me focus.

Getting in the water for a surf or a swim is my zen time for sure.


I’ve struggled with my skin my entire life, but lately it seems the more simple I am with it, the better it is. Lots of skin oils, natural stuff, nothing harsh, and avoiding chemicals and preservatives has helped a ton. Also I’m realizing skin is such a result of good nutrition and hydration, so I’ve been focusing on that as well.

Forget the apps. Trust your intuition.

What’s the advice I threw out the window and decided to do my way after Levi was born? Love this question. I deleted all mom related apps and really stopped reading any articles/websites or all of these studies that are out there. I‘ve really trusted my intuition and just asked my mom for advice.

A healthy dose of Vitamin D

We love being outdoors whenever possible! And I think it’s actually great for our skin too, mainly because it makes all of us so happy… and being happy effects your entire body, which your skin happens to be a huge factor in. I am super picky about sunscreen, which my husband is now too, and especially in regards to what I’ll put on Levi’s skin. We use good, high quality ingredient, non toxic suncare, rock some cool hats, shades, and still get our Vitamin D, in healthy doses.




See more of mama Rebekah Steen on Instagram @goldfishkiss 

Love, Us x

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