The Mama Files: Silvana Philippoussis On Her California Beach Life

We’ve known our dear friend and next mama Silvana Philippoussis, since before she was a wife and mama. She has always been a beautiful soul, but never more than now, in her biggest role yet as first-time mum to her adorable son, Nicholas.

Based in San Diego, but with a busy schedule that sees her family travelling for much of the year, we chatted to Silv about life in California and how she splits her time between being a mama, modeling, acting, co-designing Phlip Apparel (with husband and Australian tennis great, Mark Philippoussis), pursuing her art and preparing for her first solo exhibition. That’s quite a list!

Country Of Origin: Romania • Star Sign: Scorpio • Lives: San Diego, California • Nickname: Ana • Significant others: My husband, Mark & my son, Nicholas Emanuel


Feels like home

[The US] immediately felt like home since I first moved here in 2012. I find that the US and Australia have quite a few similarities. Apart from not having the luxury of seeing my family and friends at will, I think the biggest difference for me is the time… I have to wait till the afternoon (US time) before I can catch mum on the phone for an early chat at 7am (AUS time).

The Breakfast Club

First thing in the morning I spend a few extra minutes in bed taking advantage of Nicholas’ beautiful cuddles and kisses… Mornings generally consist of a little play with Nicholas before starting breakfast. We love a good hearty breaky of bacon, eggs on toast with avocado & home made hash browns on the side… and fresh OJ!!

Barefoot rituals

After breakfast, we love going down to the beach for our usual morning walk. I love nothing more than walking barefoot on the beach to relax, find balance and grounding. [To me] there’s nothing more beautiful than connecting with the earth via direct barefoot contact and feeling its amazing energy. There’s no better way for me to recharge my batteries!

Inside out

I try to look after my skin as well as I possibly can. I get the odd breakout, so drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, trying to get to bed early (I’m a night owl!) is very important in maintaining a healthy glow. I believe living a healthy/happy/active lifestyle is key to great skin.

Your own routine

‘Routine, routine, routine’ was all I heard when Nicholas was born but that was completely thrown out the window as we travel SO much as a family it was virtually impossible to stick to any type of schedule. I think it’s important to trust your own intuition and go with your own flow.


It was stressful at first knowing how important routine is for a newborn but I knew giving Nicholas an opportunity to experience travel was equally as important. I believe he’s grown into the most beautiful hearted, confident, people loving person because of it.


Travelling tribe

We travel SO much as a family…my skin definitely takes a beating, but I try to keep it highly hydrated whilst on the plane and in hotels as the air conditioning is so drying. We try to stay active no matter where we are in the world and I also carry a water mist in my bag and give the boys a squirt here and there whilst on the road as their skin also tends to be on the dry side.



See more of mama Silvana Philippoussis on Instagram @sphilippoussis

Love, Us x

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