The Mama Files: Simone Haag On Design, Daughters + Doing It Her Way

We’ve been crushing on the exceptional style of our next mama, Simone Haag, for a while now. With travel, design, styling, renovating, marriage and being mama to 3 young girls (her 3rd, Juniper, was born last week!) on her plate, she definitely has her hands full. 

We talked to Simone in the last few weeks of her pregnancy about how she was feeling third time round, what natural beauty means to her and how and when the lines blur for her between her passions and parenting, sometimes bringing both together.

Born: Melbourne • Current Location: Melbourne • Star Sign: Scorpio • Nickname: None • Significant others: Husband, Rhys, daughters Goldie (4) Clover (3) and newbie due any day (baby Juniper, born last week), Tank – Great Dane X Irish Wolfhound (10)


Who is Simone.

I am a designer and stylist who runs my own studio helping high end clients furnish their homes. Coupled with that my husband and I are serial renovators and parents to almost three beautiful girls and an oversized dog.

Mamahood in three words.

Hilarious, heavy and heartwarming

Strong willed surprises.

I did have an expectation that I would be able to continue to pursue my career in design, which I am so proud that I have been able to do. But the biggest surprise for me was how unbelievably strong willed a toddler could be. They can seriously paralyse you with their tenacity. So there have been moments where it has been a challenge to combine the two

First pregnancy vs. second / third.

Our first baby was breech so a planned CS (C-Section) was in order – that was my greatest fear… the idea of the surgical environment for child birth. It was amazing to be able to follow through with a natural birth for our second baby – but the whole pregnancy with her I was waiting to hear the words breech and CS!

I have really enjoyed all of my pregnancies and been incredibly proud of what my body achieved... The main thing that changed for me was self-perception and self-love...


Changing state.

Admittedly I have really enjoyed all of my pregnancies and been incredibly proud of what my body achieved both whilst pregnant and breast feeding.

The main thing that changed for me was self-perception and self-love when my body wasn’t where you want it to be. Just prior to falling pregnant this time I took the time to look after myself and my fitness so I am excited to pick that up again before too long.

The only thing that no one warns you about is the nerve pain! Holy hell, talk about eye watering pain – and very embarrassing when it strikes in public!

The Mother / Lover / Motherlover balance.

Motherlover – I love that! So my husband and I have lots of things in common  - when I’m not pregnant we like to surf and snowboard together as well as dream up (and execute) renovation projects. We have recently bought (a) small mountain house, so that will give us plenty to do!

Time with kids usually just involves being at home with them, a nice contrast to busy days of kinder and activities. For the most part they play amazingly well, so mothering them is often just pottering around them listening to their games and make believe.

I regularly schedule time for me – and a nourishing ritual is having a massage and acupuncture.

Careers & kids, coexisting.

I actually see them quite intertwined – Research is a big part of what I do, so reading a new magazine with the kids allows me to multi task! They have often come on site visits when babies and with many of my client’s being mothers – the kids are always welcome to be a part of the process. Because what I do is a hobby and a passion, I don’t feel like I switch on and off – rather try my best to allow the two to co-exist in our lives.

With many of my client’s being mothers – the kids are always welcome to be a part of the process

Avoiding overthinking.

I still do recall with horror a friend of my mother in law being overly enthusiastic with her advice – and whilst well meaning, it did nothing but make me second guess everything I was doing!

I do just try and ‘lean into it’ trying not to overthink things – i.e the thought of using an app for breastfeeding seems so foreign to me.

A message to other mamas?

Best advice I was given was to not feel muma guilt, to enjoy my career as well as motherhood. I have taken a couple of really fun design trips to Stockholm and NY, and whilst it was super hard leaving the family, I was so invigorated when I came home. Kids are resilient – they need to feel love – but I think it is really healthy for that love to come from a variety of people in their life.

Travel hacks?

Take a change of clothes for yourself as well when on a plane trip with little ones – I found that one out the hard way!

What natural beauty means to you?

  • Making conscious choices about how you nourish yourself and your family
  • Encouraging your little ones to be beautiful by way of their actions
  • Beachy hair

What are your must haves for skin health during pregnancy?

Taking the advice of one of my close girlfriends – enjoying the evening ritual of a shower, face washing, lathering up lotions and potions... It just means you don’t feel duped if you don’t have time for a shower when juggling kids in the morning.

Pay it forward; who would you love to see us do a Model Mama interview with?

Rhiannon Orr from Design Orr Build

My personal style: 

Easy going with a shit hot handbag


Note to self?

Stop the ‘mashing’ - i.e trying to enjoy moments for what they are. Just try and enjoy sitting with the kids whilst they are in the bath rather than using that as a time to check emails and fold washing.

You win or you learn; favourite mistake?

Oh gosh – I make them everyday – I need to learn to give myself an extra half an hour for any plan I make as I do find I end up rushing everywhere!

Morning ritual?

Sleep in as much as humanly possible with two toddlers!

Comfort food?

Multi grain toast with banana, honey, peanut butter and cocoa powder.

Weirdest craving?

Orange juice with as much pulp as humanly possible!

Now playing?

Any playlist that has the song ‘Groceries’ by Mallrat

Personal style in 5 words or less?

Easygoing with a shit hot handbag

Thank you mama, @simonehaag

Love, Us x

Images courtesy of Liane Bourke photography. You can also find her @lianebourke

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