Same you, new intentions.

January 1: wherever you are in the world, winter or summer, the New Year scent of possibility and opportunity smells the same. It’s like a fresh breeze blows through life sometime around midnight on the 31st, wafting us forward to a new year.

Resolution or no resolution, a new year heralds the perfect time for intention setting and reconnecting with rituals. Amongst the festivity and family time, finding time and space to determine your personal, professional, health and wellness goals for the year ahead can help to pave the way with clarity.

Here are our top tips for writing your road map in month 1 of this new year!


Goal Keeper.

Categorising is key.

If you didn’t have time at the end of the year - and let’s face it, the Christmas madness probably meant most of us didn’t - setting goals within the first couple of weeks of January is a powerful way to kick off the year.

We find the most straightforward way of goal or intention setting is to give yourself some categories that centre around your core values - they might look like this list below or you may come up with your own.

Take your categories and list 4 or 5 goals in each; a limited number helps you to be very specific and not become overwhelmed by so many goals that you don’t know where to begin.

Health: Mental, physical, emotional, reproductive, spiritual… health comes in many forms and setting your goals is specific to you.

Career / Business: Goals for your job, your business, your side hustle, your passion.

Lifestyle / Travel: Where do you want to go? What would you love to do? How do you want to live?

Family: This may mean your immediate family, your extended family or the family you in the process of creating.

Soul: For some people this is spirituality, for some religion, for some neither. Above all, it’s about your truth; what goals do you have that help you be true to yourself and do the things you love.

Personal: Goals that relate only to you; your dreams and your desires.


Facing fears.

The benefits of ‘fear setting’.

As well as setting goals, setting fears is equally as important. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘What the?’, then let us explain.

The process of Fear Setting is a technique developed by Tim Ferriss (author of The 4-Hour Work Week amongst others) and is centred around focusing on the fears that hold us back from taking action. By addressing what scares us most to do and what we fear most of the possible outcome, we can then also look at the cost of inaction. Try making a list of your fears under the lens of the next 3 points. Write them down, answer each point and then see what moving forward looks like.

Define — What are the worst things could happen?
Prevent — How do I prevent each from happening?
Repair — If the worst happens, how can i fix it?


Prioritising play.

A top 5 for everybody’s list.

Work, eat, sleep, repeat. We’ve all experienced those time when daily life can become hyper scheduled and we lose that tendency to be spontaneous and to play.

As well as being key to stress relief, play and playfulness in adults has been shown increase productivity, speed up learning and enhance bonding. Studies have also shown that playfulness makes us more attractive to our lovers and them to us!

To read more about the benefits of play read here and start thinking about what you love to do. Then get out (or in ;) ) and play!


Ritual reconnect.

Reigniting your routine.

Experiencing ‘festive face’? This is what we dub the general feeling of inflammation that comes from the indulgence of the holiday season?

Time to reconnect with your wellbeing rituals; restarting exercise if you’ve paused, getting back into your daily vitamin routine and getting back to consistently caring for your skin.

We like to begin with a skin reset using our mud mask, The 4am Set, which contains:

Dead Sea Mud that contains minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium, which work together to improve cell metabolism and regenerate and restore skin.  

Australian Green Clay is an excellent detoxifier and is packed full of minerals that works to repair skin, rebalance natural oils and restore a beautiful natural glow.

Lactic Acid is a natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that has the ability to hydrate, lighten and brighten pigmentation, all while working to improve skin’s cell regeneration.

It is a true multi-tasker, which has been designed to resurface and detoxify skin, removing dead cells with all natural ingredients to allow skin to regenerate and glow below.

The 4am Set can be used on sensitive skin without redness and assists in reducing acne, eczema, psoriasis and skin ageing. A small note - for those with sensitive skin, we recommend setting the mask for 15 minutes only before gentle rinsing.


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