Selfcare Skills For Time Poor Mamas

We all know the basics of looking after our skin. Cleanse, moisturise, exfoliate once a week. However to achieve the glowing, healthy complexion we all desire, there are a few extra steps worth taking each day.

Whether it’s dry body brushing before a shower or incorporating probiotics into your diet, these simple skincare rituals are perfect for modern mamas on the go.

Are you getting enough probiotics?

It’s often said that good skin starts in the gut and that is no different during pregnancy or postpartum, especially when digestive speed is decreased. If your digestive system isn’t working well, it will show in the clarity of your skin. Including more prebiotics and probiotics into your diet can make a huge difference in how you feel and look. Think less bloating and feeling sluggish and clearer, brighter skin. To up your nutrient intake, why not also consider fermented foods which are rich in antioxidants to detoxify your skin? The fermentation process increases the bioavailability of each ingredient in the food you eat, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients at a deeper level and maintain a balance of vaginal flora. Why is vaginal flora important? Maintaining a healthy bacterial balance is important for both you and your babe, especially during vaginal birth when our bacteria transfers to our baby as it travels through the birth canal. 

Kimchi’s not your cup of tea? Try sipping on kombucha or switching up your bread to a good quality sourdough. The fermentation process it undergoes lowers the gluten content dramatically. Better for your gut and better for your skin!

Give yourself an at home facial

While facials are a more intensive  way to improve the quality of your skin, they can be time consuming. So whenever your babe is sleeping and you get a moment to yourself, try these relaxing skincare rituals. 

Start by steaming your face to open up the pores and prep the skin. If you don’t have a facial steamer at home (and let’s face it, unless you’re Gwyneth, who does?), you can replicate this by filling up a bowl of hot water (not boiling) and steaming your face with a towel over your head. Make sure to check steam first with your hand before your face!

If your postpartum skin is feeling congested from the hormonal swings, stress and sleep deprivation of being a new mama, then we recommend reaching for a detoxifying mask treatment once or twice a week. Filled with dead sea mineral mud, Australian green clay and hydrating oils, The 4am Set. is ideal. Formulated specifically for those seen 4am on the clock a few too many times, it’s our secret to achieving a more refreshed complexion.

Follow by moisturising your skin, taking a few minutes for a relaxing facial massage. Whether you use a facial roller or your fingers, massaging your face in an upwards and outwards motion promotes circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Don’t forget about your body

We can spend so much time treating the skin on our face, that we forget our body needs just as much love!

To boost circulation, stimulate the lymph nodes and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, there’s nothing better than dry body brushing. This ritual is best practiced before hopping into the shower as it works to sweep away dead skin cells, detoxify the body and even improve digestion. All you need to do is gently brush your skin in circular motions starting at the feet and working towards the heart. After showering, finish off with some Motherlover body oil for silky smooth and nourished skin.

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