Why ‘Play’ Is Key For Women’s Mental Health And How You Can Add It To Your Day

Now that summer’s come to an end and winter is well and truly upon us, finding the motivation to workout can become more of a challenge.



Unless you’re living somewhere tropical, you probably won’t be wearing a bikini all year round. Ensuring you feel your best however, is all about keeping your body moving. If spending hours in the gym isn’t your thing, mixing up your routine is key to rediscovering that motivation. As adults, we tend to lose this opportunity to play in a childish sense. While it may sound like a long forgotten pastime, author Tim Ferriss describes ‘play’ as a skill necessary to relax, unwind and reduce feelings of anxiety. So why not bring a friend, an open mind and try one of these more unusual ways to keep fit?

Acro Yoga

Now acroyoga may sound terrifying, but this fusion of acrobatics and yoga is all about strengthening the body and finding your balance. Using gentle yoga flows, you’ll be working with a partner to incorporate playful acrobatic moves. One of the most important aspects of acroyoga is actually the physical connection to a partner in a platonic way, which again, is something we lose as adults. So for those curious to try acroyoga, bring along a friend you can have a laugh with. It’s all about not taking yourself too seriously.

Aerial Yoga

Another variation of yoga we’re loving lately is aerial yoga. Yes, you’ll be airborne! With the use of silks, aerial yoga is amazing for increasing blood flow, calming the mind and strengthening your muscles. While challenging to begin with, you’ll soon reap the benefits of this graceful practice.


Combining pilates, yoga and ballet techniques, barre aims to lengthen and strengthen the body. With varying degrees of difficulty, each class works to strengthen your body for a toned physique. Using an interval training style, you’ll really feel the burn from each tiny, targeted movement.

Hula Classes

Nothing says ‘play’ like a hula hoop workout! If you haven’t picked up a hula hoop since you were a kid, now is the perfect time. Each small, isolated movement engages and strengthens your core while burning a high amount of calories.

Trampoline Fitness

When it comes to fun exercise, trampoline fitness is just that. These high-intensity cardio workouts will have your blood pumping without any heavy impact on the body. You’ll feel like a kid again while working on your overall muscle tone and cardio health. Sounds pretty perfect to us.

‘Play’; the workout that doesn’t feel like exercise. Looks like we could all benefit from a little more playfulness in our daily lives!

Images via: pinterest.com, tumblr.com, barrebody.com.au, mtlblog.com, physique57.com

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