The Mama Files: Sam Aitken on Workouts, Rituals + Cravings During Pregnancy

To kick off our new Q&A series, 10&Co checked in with northern NSW mama, Sam Aitken. You may know her as @sambonnor on social media.

She is a mama of 2 (soon to be 3), an absolute ray of sunshine and we've loved tracking her pregnancy sisterhood as she shares this journey with her (also pregnant) sister, Dani. 

Keep scrolling for all the details!

NAME: Sam Aitken
MAMA OF: Alby, Ari and lil peanut in the belly


Mama Mantra?

Slow down, be in the moment and cherish every day with your little ones before they aren’t little any more.

Biggest Craving?

At the moment I'm struggling with any food... maybe pumpkin soup and fruit would be my go to. BUT at the start, cinnamon donuts!! And not like the fancy ones, the Woolworths or Coles ones, haha. I had to stop walking down that aisle to stop myself buying them.

Favourite Workout During Pregnancy?

Walking and circuits. I was doing HIIT style at my gym (slowed down of course) but now making my own up at home. Always consisting of boxing on my punching bag. Best release.



Wise Words to New Mamas? 

Do what is best for you and find your own rhythm. You’re the mama so do what feels right for you and your baby.

Pregnancy Uniform? 

OMG bikinis always, ha. Baby doll dresses or bike pants and hubby's shirt!

Wind Down Ritual?

Hmmm, maybe a bath or literally switching off and watching TV without having to get up to anyone!

The Biggest Challenges? 

Pre: Miscarriage before this little babe

During: My vein on my left leg.. quite painful and it's very in your face, but I'm good at hiding it. ALSO bending down; this baby is sitting so high so once something is dropped it's gone forever. Oh and clumsiness, which ties in with dropping things, ha.

Post-Pregnancy: Well before this virus spread my biggest worry was maybe having a routine. I'm not a routine type person, but with kids in school and naps/feeds, a routine would be needed. BUT now, just having this baby and keeping it and everyone around me safe and healthy is my focus.

The Pleasures?

Pre: Training at a fast pace, having a bevy, fitting my clothes, ha.

During: Oh most definitely the baby kicks and watching my tummy grow .

Post-Pregnancy: Having a new little babe to love and seeing my big boys with her/him will be everything.

Product You Wish Existed For Pregnant or Postpartum Skin?

Something that got rid of dryness!! I had such perfect glowy skin with the boys and this time its so dry, like nothing works. So maybe the thickest product for dry skin!!

10&Co Essential / Product you’re Most Excited to Try?

Oh, The 4am Set (recovery mud mask) I feel like my skin will love it!!!

All images courtesy of Sam Bonnor:

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