The Conscious Christmas List for Busy Mamas

The holidays are hectic. There’s no denying that! But ‘slowing down’ and planning for a less manic-paced day could be the best thing for you… and help you avoid some grey hairs!

Whether you’re planning for a white Christmas or a hot one (like us!) this year, here’s some holiday hacks to dial up your planning skills and tips and tricks for some early prep (feel free to delegate), that’ll mean on the day, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the celebrations together.

1. Bake before

Shortbread, pudding, mince pies - even your ham if you’re having it cold – can all be prepared ahead of time. If you can, tick off one item every few days in the lead up to Christmas Day.

2. Punch it

Whether you like traditional punch or sangria (which can be made beforehand) or eggnog (which you can semi-prep ahead of time), preparing your Christmas beverages before the day will save you time and stress and actually enhance their flavour. Win.

3. See - food

If you are having a summer Christmas, do yourself a favour and consider a seafood Christmas. Prawns, prawns and more prawns. And we’d never say no to a little crayfish / lobster. And the best thing about seafood is that it requires less / zero cooking (if you buy already cooked) than a traditional roast, so nobody needs to get their sweat on.

4. Cubism

Frozen delights make a fun addition to any festive fare and can also be a great way to prep for recipes. Blending or juicing seasonal produce and then freezing into cubes means you’ll have the ingredients you need on hand in cooler weather.
Here in our summer, we like to freeze orange or watermelon juice or even pieces of fruits and vegetables into cubes, either for adding to drinks or with a toothpick as a mini-popsicle. Delight.

5. Do you

In the days leading up to Christmas, be sure to take care of you. Stay hydrated – warm or cool climate – rest when you can and keep your skincare consistent. We recommend doing a mask at least once in the week leading up to Christmas to ensure your glow matches the lights on the tree.

Merry Christmas, beauties.

Love, us xx

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