Why 'spring cleaning' your skin isn't just for spring.

As the seasons change - out of winter and thawing into spring or, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, cooling down as summer has rolled in autumn - self care is extra important to help transition our skin through temperature and environmental shifts. Giving your skin a ‘spring clean’ is the ideal way to help skin adjust and reset for the changing weather, whatever the season.

Winter and summer can be especially stressful on our skin, with extreme temperatures both high and low. It’s only natural that it may need a little nurturing to help return to it's best. The drying effects of indoor heating and extreme cold outdoor temperatures or additional sun exposure can change our skins natural pH balance. The result can be unwanted spots, blemishes or even pigmentation.



Spring fling.

Spring time has us all smiling a little bit more with more sunny days, yet there can still be blasts of cold air and rain. It is the perfect time for a dry brushing session to free your pores of dirt and build up of dehydrated skin from the winter months. If you're postpartum, we recommend a mud mask session with The 4am Set at night, to give the skin a chance to rejuvenate overnight while you rest. The mask can be removed with a warm wet cloth, or for a gentle exfoliation, softly rub off the mask with your finger tips, before rinsing off any residue.

The summer months can be blissful and sun drenched, yet skin can become extra oily as we sweat more often, changing the natural balance of oils in our skin. This becomes even more likely under a layer of sunscreen. During summer, we recommend moving away from heavy moisturisers for both face and body, to a lightweight product that helps to balance hormonal skin.


Fresh and falling.

In Autumn (or Fall), blemishes and dry skin can begin to make a comeback with the variable weather, triggering overproduction in our already hormonal oil glands during pregnancy. This is when we would suggest using products with richer, more deeply hydrating formulations, remembering to be gentle with your skin when you cleanse or apply product.

Winter’s extreme temperatures can bring a dry, itchy feeling of skin that desperately needs moisture. As skin cell renewal decreases with colder weather and circulation already lowered during pregnancy, skin can lose its fresh glow. Taking the time to self massage with our Motherlover Rejuvenating Body Oil to promote circulation and rehydration of the skin is key for your daily skin practice.


Year round mudding.

The 4am Set Recovery Mud Mask is the restart button your postnatal skin will love to help it transition through every season.

To help nourish your skin from every angle, our formulation is based on 3 core ingredients:

1. Dead Sea Mud that contains minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium, which work together to improve cell metabolism and regenerate and restore skin.

2. Australian Green Clay is an excellent detoxifier and is packed full of minerals that works to repair skin, rebalance natural oil flow and restore a beautiful natural glow.

3. Lactic Acid is a natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that has the ability to hydrate, lighten and brighten pigmentation, all while working to improve skin’s cell regeneration.

It is a true multi-tasker that resurfaces, detoxifies, softens and brightens the skin with all natural ingredients. The 4am Set can be used on sensitive skin without redness and assists in reducing acne, eczema and psoriasis. *For those with sensitive skin, we recommend setting the mask for 15 minutes only, before gentle rinsing.

A session with The 4am Set will have comparable results to a salon based facial without the synthetic ingredients and without needing to book an appointment; one less thing to add to our schedule!


Images via: Instagram, unsplash.com

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