Why Making The Switch To Plant Based Beauty Could Be The Best Thing For You

It used to be that when shopping for skincare, plant based products were too often overlooked. In recent years however, people are seeking plant based beauty more and more often.

The desire to look good while doing good for your body makes sense now. So if you’re still on the fence when it comes to natural skincare, we have a few reasons why you should consider making the switch. Whether you’re a breastfeeding mama or mama on the go, we can all benefit from a little more plant based beauty!

Plant based products help avoid irritation

As our skin is extremely porous, anything applied to it will be absorbed into the body. This means everything from your daily cleanser to fake tan will be absorbed into the skin and deeper into the cells below. Now that’s a worry! If the products you’re reaching for are filled with chemicals and harsh additives, they’re much more likely to cause irritation.

They’re free from harmful chemicals

While you’ve probably heard of parabens and sulphates, mainstream products often contain a long list of chemicals that are considered potentially harmful. Not only are plant based products more gentle on the skin, it’s easier to understand their source. So you can be confident they aren’t artificial or chemical.

Can be used on and around your children

Think about all of the products you use each day. When you’re constantly picking up and interacting with your baby, these products are also coming into contact with their delicate skin. Choosing plant based beauty ensures your baby’s sensitive skin is free of irritation. This was our number one priority when creating skincare products for modern mamas. Whether it’s Calm it, Baby for soothing all sizes or Soothe Operator for chapped nipples, the plant based formulas of our products are designed for your entire family.

More effective than your chemical products

To calm irritated or acne prone skin, you don’t need to turn to harsh products that will dry out your skin. Plant based ingredients like aloe vera contain naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to calm and reduce infection. Skin on the drier side? Reach for natural ingredients like calendula or chamomile to soothe and hydrate.

Can balance sebum

Not only are plant oils deeply nourishing, they also work in a similar way to our skin’s natural oils (sebum). Each of the oils chosen for 10&Co products undergo a meticulous selection process to ensure they balance and benefit the skin. Everything from avocado oil to coconut oil to hemp seed oil; they all have their own unique benefits and we’re hooked on each and every one. Calm, hydrated, balanced skin? It’s all the good oil.

Photo sources: pinterest.com, tumblr.com

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