The White House, Daylesford

Visiting The White House in Daylesford, Victoria has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Staying for the first time the night after the US election gave it whole new meaning… there’s a new First Lady in town! 

I was able to finally tick this off my list on a recent mid-week escape from the city (Melbourne, home of our HQ) with a little last minute manoeuvring and the help of the delightful and distinctive interior decorator, owner Lynda Gardener. If you haven’t come across her work before, she has a stunning stable of properties, all coloured with her unique aesthetic.

Arriving into Daylesford – almost an hours drive outside Melbourne – on a Thursday afternoon, this Spring day feel a few degrees cooler than the city with much clearer air. Anticipation of knowing there was an open fireplace, with ample time for toasting marshmallows, was all I needed to bypass the adorable township and make a beeline straight for The White House.

Styled to give a sense of discovery around every corner and with curios aplenty, your eyes will widen as you enter. Upon arrival I was greeted with abundance – lanterns glowing to greet me on the front porch, fresh greenery in vases, a bowl of the sweetest, juicy oranges (perfect for juicing in the morning or for a Negroni by the fire) and breakfast provisions including fresh bread, eggs, butter and the most delicious raspberry jam. There is also a semi-stocked pantry; tea, biscuits, all the home comforts.

The queen bed in the front room is one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept in. One of those beds that envelops you in a warm hug. Even though the room is close to the street, the traffic at night is minimal.

There is a full library, with every title you could conceive and a particular leaning toward design, fashion and travel. With multiple baths, a lush backyard and the aforementioned fire, this uncommon place is designed to unwind. In fact, it’s beckoning you to.