Been A While Since You Went To A Retreat? Time to recreate it at home.

When life gets busy, there’s nothing like a wellness retreat to centre you, mind, body and spirit.

Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your body, clear your mind or take a relaxing break from the kids, there’s a wellness retreat suited to every woman. Sometimes all you need is a little less technology and a little more nature.

Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreats are amazing for getting your body moving and discovering how to centre yourself on the go.Whether you’re an experienced yogi or just a beginner, everyone can benefit from a few days of personal growth and exercise. It’s not all spiritual pretzel however and you will have time for some much needed R&R. Savasana, anyone?

Meditation Retreat

Meditation is an incredible way to practice mindfulness and destress throughout the day. If you find it difficult to switch off and unwind, a meditation retreat might be for you. While similar to a yoga retreat, meditation has a larger focus on thought and emotion. One of the most relaxing retreat styles, you’ll leave having focused a practice you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Day Spa / Massage Retreat

If you only have a day or two to spare, why not consider a day spa or massage retreat? They’re perfect for those looking for some physical pampering. After a few days of massages and moisturisation, you’ll be left feeling like a smoother, more relaxed version of yourself from head to toe.

Surf Retreat

Often combined with the practice of yoga, surf retreats are for the true beach babe. Catching waves from dawn till dusk sounds like heaven to you? Then what are you waiting for? Surf retreats cater to all skill types, with instructors to guide you throughout the process. Whether you’re jetting off to Bali or Byron Bay or Belize, a surf retreat is the perfect way to keep fit and reconnect with nature.

Detox Retreat

If you’ve been feeling sluggish or exhausted lately, a detox retreat might be the pick-me-up you need. With a holistic focus on cleansing, you’ll work towards ridding your body of toxins and clearing your mind. Ideal for the the stress prone, you’ll learn tools to manage your health and wellbeing from the inside out.

Fitness Retreat

What better way to get back in shape than with a few days of exercise by the beach or in the mountains? Fitness retreats, although challenging at times, involve everything from group exercise to one on one sessions with supportive instructors. If you struggle motivating yourself to workout, these retreats are a great way to commit to fitness and kickstart your new routine.

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