Want A Healthier Home? Try Bringing The Outdoors In.

It’s almost summer. Days are getting lighter and it's feeling fresh and airy. What better excuse do we need to give our interiors a beach house inspired makeover?

Taking inspiration from these beautiful beach side homes, we’ve uncovered some simple trends to make your home feel like a relaxing getaway all year round. It’s time to embrace the outdoors and breathe new life into your everyday living space.


Consider a natural, neutral colour palette

What do beach homes often have in common? A pared back colour palette of soft whites and neutrals. Think white wooden floors, biscuit coloured fabric lounges and a variety of shades of accent colours. Light wood interior details further complement these natural, beach inspired interiors.

Bring the outdoors in with some greenery

A beach house transformation isn’t complete without an abundance of greenery. Not only can living plants bring personality into your space, they’re also a simple way to emphasis the bohemian vibe of your home. If you have the room, why not go wild with something large like a Monstera plant? For those with less space, succulents and cacti are a compact solution with high impact results.

Embrace earthy accessories

When accessorising your home, look for raw textures such as poured concrete, timber and hand chiseled stone. Distressed wood and natural finishes help to create a relaxed, inviting aesthetic that’s perfect for beachside living.

Indoor/outdoor living reigns supreme

Summer is the ideal time of year to embrace indoor/outdoor living. It’s a functional way to transition your home and create a secondary living area. Nothing says beach house quite like warm, natural lighting and an outdoor daybed, swing or hammock.

Nothing but net

For those warm nights, we love the practicality of beautiful bed netting for keeping the mosquitoes at bay while you enjoy the fresh air.


Photo sources: pinterest.com, tumblr.com

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