Spill-Free Travel Hacks for Your Beauty Products

There’s nothing quite like a beauty mishap to dampen the mood of your holiday. Stepping off a long haul flight to discover a shampoo spillage in your suitcase isn’t the ideal start to a relaxing trip.

To ensure your getaway is filled with good vibes only, here are a few tips and tricks we have learned along the way.


1. Release the air from your products

When travelling with liquids such as shampoos or body lotions, it’s important to first release any excess air from the bottle. Half filled bottles will expand and potentially explode while the air pressure intensifies throughout your flight. As you pack, take time to squeeze the air from your products before fastening the lid tightly.

2. Choose solid alternatives wherever possible

As liquids are more likely to spill, consider replacing your favourite beauty products with solid or viscous alternatives. Swapping out your liquid cleanser for a balm cleanser for example, is a simple way to avoid disaster. When it comes to travel beauty essentials we always reach for stick foundations, solid perfumes and our travel loving mud mask,  The 4am Set. This skin saver is ideal for jet legged or dehydrated skin and the thick mud consistency means no spills!

3. Pack smart

When designing each of our nourishing products, we chose non-breakable packaging perfect for the smart traveller. Ideal for keeping in your carry on or checked luggage, you won’t need to worry about spillages while you fly. Beautiful, sturdy packaging you can take everywhere you go? Yes please.

4. Pack your delicate makeup in your carry on

For those more delicate items such as eyeshadow palettes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Pack any powder compacts in your carry on bag to avoid shattered products and emotions. Our products work perfectly for carry on luggage so there’s no need to sacrifice your skincare routine when you’re on the go.

5. Ziplock bags are key

Packing liquid items in individual ziplock bags may seem like an extra step but works wonders to stop leakages in their tracks. Remember to squeeze excess air from each bag before zipping shut.

6. Double bag that fake tan bottle

If you prefer achieving a golden glow without the sun’s rays, ensure your fake tan bottle is thoroughly protected. There’s nothing worse than spending a holiday worrying about stains when you could be lounging by the beach. Take extra caution to double wrap and avoid spillages.

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