The good oil.

Pure plant oils. The ultimate skin squad for clean beauty.

Why Oil?

Skin meets oil. Oil meets skin. It's the meet-cute you've been waiting for.

Our skin is actually made up of oil. It's called sebum and it's vital to lubricate and protect. And what helps sebum to perform at it's best? Daily skin love with all natural & organic plant oils.

At 10&Co, we go through a painstaking oil selection process for our products, each one chosen for its unique skin benefits and to help balance sebum production.

We love oil. Pure and simple. The 10 Treatment awaits you… and it's all about oil.

What Oils?

Camellia Seed Oil • For stretch marks

Contains oleic acid & tea polyphenols to help strengthen collagen & elastin fibres to minimise & prevent stretch marks.

Jojoba Oil • For everyday moisture

Mimics sebum, your skin's natural oil, to penetrate deeply & stimulate collagen production.

Avocado Oil • To save stressed skin

High in sterolin, which heals scarring and reduces inflammation.

Olive Oil • To balance any complexion

Contains potent antioxidants that help protect against free radicals & UV damage.

Coconut Oil • For deep nourishing

Antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial; its nature's protector.

What else?

We use only premium oils, sourced locally and manufactured in our Australian laboratory to achieve balanced formulations where our oils actually work together to penetrate the skins dermis and promote skin health at a cellular level.

No oil is alike and each has its own unique benefits for your skin, so from time to time we like to turn the spotlight on the oils we use in the Feature Ingredient series on our blog.

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