What do I do if my body oil solidifies?

Despite their high Coconut oil content, our body oils have been designed to remain liquefied. However, in the event you are somewhere particularly chilly and your oils have turned solid, run the bottle (with the cap on) under a warm tap for around 30 seconds and then shake.

Why are oils more hydrating that water-based lotion?

Natural oils protect your skins outer layer and help to lock moisture in. We also uses oils which are humectants, which means they draw moisture from the air to hydrate your skin.

Will it get rid of my cellulite?

Lymphatic massage is well known as a way to reduce cellulite tissue. By massaging our oils into your bod, you can detoxify cells, reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of your skin. We recommend a healthy diet and regular exercise in conjunction with your skincare routine to achieve your best cellulite reduction results.

Are 10&Co products suitable for oily skin?

Our skin is made up of natural oil called sebum. Our environment can strip skin of these oils and when not replenished properly, with natural oils and essential fatty acids, our skin can produce more oil. Therefore, maintaining the balance with organic, plant oils can actually slow down our skin’s natural oil production, keeping skin replenished and naturally nourished.

Can I use body oil every day?

Absolutely. We encourage it as a part of your daily skin practice. Our body oils are designed specifically for every day use. As they absorb quickly, they are great as a part of your morning skincare routine. Our oils also make a great treatment at night; use more liberally to allow the oils relax you before bed and nourish your skin why you sleep.


Can I use on sensitive skin and eczema?

Our carefully selected oils have been considered with skin conditions and sensitivity in mind. Our oils, such as coconut and sunflower seed, are known for their calming effect on sensitive skin and healing, anti-inflammatory properties.

Will it clear up blemishes and scarring?

Our body oils are designed to nourish and hydrate daily; through regular use, our resident ‘miracle workers’ such as natural Vitamin E – more potent than its synthetic counterpart – and Coconut, can help reduce the appearance of scars and skin imperfections and aid in healing.

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