Our Mission

Welcome to 10&Co, mama.

The Pregnancy & Postpartum Category.

Full transparency: the beauty industry is saturated. It doesn’t need another face mask or body oil. Except in a specific category.

The reality is, mothers, pre, during, and post-pregnancy, aren’t being catered to. We’ve talked to hundreds of mamas, including our closest friends, and found most were confused by what they could and couldn’t use during their pregnancy and after giving birth, self care sometimes takes a back seat. We want you to know it’s not only okay to put yourself first, it's necessary.

“I don’t know what ingredients I’m supposed to use,” was a phrase we heard time and time again. It’s our mission to educate you on what’s in our products, what’s not in our products, and why specific targeted ingredients are not just beneficial, but vital, throughout all stages of a woman’s pregnancy journey.

Safe & Specific.

The last time we checked, babies don’t have pregnancy acne and stretch marks – that’s why we are not a mother and baby brand. We believe in creating formulations specifically for your needs.

The changes your body undergoes are sometimes inevitable and unpredictable. From first trimester morning sickness to post-pregnancy acne to intensely dry and cracked nipples; we’ve considered and formulated specific to your maternity journey. We exist to offer mamas targeted solutions all in one place. We’re for mamas, first.


Mama, first.

We believe that when you take care of the mother, you take care of the world. When you’re taken care of first, mama, how you parent, love and participate in the world is enhanced.

That’s why we vow to take it 10 steps further and always put mamas first.  Our brand exists to speak to you instead of focusing solely on your newborn, to hear your skin needs and concerns, to offer ritualistic practices instead of fear-mongering, and to listen instead of dictate. This, in essence, is 10&Co. 

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