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Our Founders.

We believe in the power of women. It is where we all begin; a woman is the original home of each of us. That’s why we say, when you take care of the mother, you take care of the world. Because, when a woman’s needs are taken care of and she takes care of herself first, she is empowered to be her best self, mother, partner, friend... and that has a ripple effect. 

We also believe that women know womens’ bodies best. That’s why our founders, Tamara Hansen and Elle Begely, best friends for two decades, who’ve spent years in the health, wellness, and design industries, wanted to bring their expertise and direct feminine experiences to a category they felt needed more specificity, more transparency and more education.

We have created a platform where women can trust the products they’re buying to perform during this stage in their life. A community where women feel supported and connected and where ritual and beauty, in all its forms, are celebrated. There is freedom in routine, and we are committed to delivering solution-based rituals that are specific to the physical shifts during pregnancy; physical changes that are different from any other time in a woman’s life.

We’re for self love, self care and we’re for mamas, first.

Your Stories.

Every mama has their own story to tell. No story, no pregnancy, no birth is the same. Each experience is uniquely different. The common denominator is motherhood. It connects, it unifies, it showcases our diversity as human beings.

During this time of modern motherhood, what being a mama looks like to one woman is very different to another. Pregnancy for one of us may mean resting and nesting and for another it might look like 10 months of exhaustion and morning sickness.

Through our blog, Uncommon Stories, we’re shining a light on some extraordinary mamas as they share their journey during pregnancy and motherhood.


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Our Story, Together.

Collaboration and community is key. We’re in this together, whatever part of the journey we’re each on. Whether you’re already a mama, trying to conceive, in the midst of IVF or you’ve experienced a loss, supporting each other is one of the most important things we can do.

Supporting mamas in the wider community is important to us, so stay tuned in to this space to see how we’ll be offering support and partnering with non-profit partners to work towards a goal of ensuring every mother, everywhere has her health needs met and receives support.   

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